With Checklist achieve your customer onboarding goals.

Userlove’s highly customizable and personalized onboarding in-product checklist guides users to complete key tasks and achieve onboarding goals with ease. Boost your customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and foster business growth.


Create personalized checklist experience
Customized onboarding checklists are essential for retaining customers and ensuring a great experience. By creating a personalized checklist, you can make each customer feel valued and appreciated, taking into account their unique needs and preferences.

Create, customize & launch

Userlove offers a wide range of user-friendly styling options to fully customize your checklist according to your preferences, unlike other solutions with limited styling choices.
Our no-code visual builder will make your job fun. Set your brand colors and position the checklist widget in any corner of the screen to match your product design.

Segment users for better targeting

The customer onboarding process can be daunting, but with the right checklist and right users in hand, you can make it a breeze. Plan out your onboarding steps ahead of time for particular user group so that your customer feels valued and appreciated.
Segment and target users by persona, lifecycle stage, plan tier, account owner, and more.

Measure & analyze

Once you launch your checklists, you can analyze which steps users has completed or skipped and meaningful insights. It’ll help you to take data-driven decision on your onboarding process as well identify areas for improvement in your products.