Product Adoption Software

Boost product feature adoption & get higher ROI

The Userlove digital product adoption platform helps businesses solve the challenge of low user adoption and retention by providing personalized onboarding experiences and optimize their product experience and drive more conversions.

Deliver the right features at the right time
With Userlove’s feature highlighting capabilities, you can guide users through your product and highlight important or new features at the right moment with native hotspots, tooltips, and interactive product guides to introduce users to specific features that deliver value. You can customize these guides based on the user’s journey and personalize them according to user behavior.
Obtain real-time feedback

Userlove makes it easy for you to collect in-app real-time feedback from your users on both new and existing product features. With our microsurvey feature, you can quickly gather user feedback at scale without leaving your application.

By gathering feedback, you can gain valuable insights into how your users interact with your product and make informed decisions about improvements to the user experience. This user-centric approach allows you to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge in your market.

Measure & drive more adopters

The platform enables you to create native hotspots, tooltips, and interactive product guides to introduce users to specific features that deliver value. You can customize these guides based on the user's journey and personalize them according to user behavior.

Userlove also provides you with real-time data to measure and analyze how your users are interacting with your product. With this data, you can identify underutilized features and areas of friction, allowing you to refine your product and improve adoption.

By gathering feature usage insights, you can develop an understanding of what your users need and tailor your product strategy accordingly. You can also track how changes to your product impact user behavior and adjust your strategy as needed.


Feature adoption refers to the process of users embracing and effectively using a new feature or functionality within a product or service. It involves users incorporating the feature into their workflows and leveraging its capabilities to achieve their desired outcomes.
A new feature announcement is a communication strategy used by businesses to inform their users or customers about the introduction of new features or enhancements in their product or service.
A new feature announcement is important because it helps users stay informed about the latest updates and improvements in a product or service. It enables businesses to showcase their continuous innovation and commitment to enhancing the user experience.
A well-executed new feature announcement can increase product adoption by creating awareness and generating excitement among users. It highlights the value and benefits of the new feature, encouraging users to explore and utilize it, thereby driving overall product engagement.
Businesses can announce new features on their website through dedicated blog posts, news sections, or release notes. They can highlight the key aspects and benefits of the new features, provide usage instructions, and encourage users to try them out. It's not only important for in application / product but new website features announcement is also important. The website serves as a crucial touchpoint for users, and introducing new features on the website can improve user experience, engagement, and overall satisfaction. By making users aware of the new website features, businesses can ensure that their audience takes full advantage of the enhancements and benefits provided.
Feature adoption software provides businesses with tools and analytics to track and optimize the adoption of new features. It offers insights into user behavior, identifies adoption bottlenecks, and enables businesses to take targeted actions to drive feature usage and maximize the value delivered to users.
To increase new feature adoption, businesses can employ various strategies such as personalized onboarding experiences, in-app notifications and prompts, educational resources, user feedback mechanisms, and continuous user engagement initiatives. By actively promoting the value and benefits of the new features, businesses can encourage users to embrace and incorporate them into their regular usage patterns.
Effective new feature release announcements involve clear and concise communication, highlighting the problem-solving capabilities and benefits of the new features. They should provide step-by-step guidance on how to access and utilize the features, along with any relevant resources or support channels for further assistance.
Businesses can announce new product features through multiple channels such as email newsletters, social media posts, webinars, and direct messaging. They should focus on conveying the value and impact of the new features to capture the attention and interest of their target audience. With Userlove announcing new features on website or in-app is very easy and simple, just few clicks and ready to go!
Examples of new product feature announcement include showcasing a redesigned user interface, introducing enhanced search functionality, unveiling integrations with popular third-party tools, or introducing time-saving automation features. These announcements highlight the specific benefits and improvements that the new features bring to the user experience.