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Collect feedback effortlessly through an easy-to-use highly configurable in-product surveys, and make data-driven decisions that improve your product and customer experience.
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Collect customer feedback and sentiment in minutes
Collect, analyze and act on customer feedback at scale with our customizable in-product surveys. Automate actions based on answers and find gaps in user understanding with our highly configurable surveys. Userlove enables better product decisions, deep user segmentation, and personalized experiences.

Gather insights quickly using ready to use survey templates

Start with popular surveys like NPS (Net Promoter Score Survey), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), PMF (Product Market Fit) or CES (Customer Effort Score), but don’t stop there. Discover the power of micro-surveys to collect more targeted and actionable feedback from your users.

Get started building best performing surveys

Build beautiful, customized, and personalized surveys

With Userlove, you can create personalized survey experiences that feel tailored to each respondent. Tweak, reorder, or add questions on-the-fly to create a truly unique and engaging survey. Get the most accurate feedback possible by customizing your surveys based on respondent answers.

Create any type of survey, whether it’s for Customer Success, Product Research, or Marketing and customize it to blend perfectly into your product

Create beautiful & customized survey for free

Make data-driven decisions by leveraging customer feedback

Instantly analyze your survey results with just one click. Get real-time insights and make data-driven decisions with ease.

It helps to Identify areas of improvement, Measure customer satisfaction, Make data-driven decisions, Understand customer needs and more

Net Promoter Score Software​

With our user-friendly NPS survey software, you can easily create custom surveys tailored to your specific needs. We provide a range of features and tools to help you design and distribute your NPS surveys effortlessly. Our intuitive platform allows you to collect valuable feedback and gain insights into customer sentiment, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to improve your product and service offerings.

Our NPS survey platform offers a seamless and efficient way to engage with your customers and gather valuable insights. We provide a range of survey templates and customization options, allowing you to create surveys that align with your brand and capture the information you need. With Userlove, you can easily deploy NPS surveys across various touchpoints and channels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s experiences.

We understand that choosing the right NPS survey platform is crucial for your business. That’s why Userlove is committed to providing you with the best NPS survey tools available. Our NPS survey platform is user-friendly, scalable, and packed with features to help you achieve your customer satisfaction goals. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, our best NPS software is designed to meet your needs and drive meaningful improvements.

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Ways to share your survey with your users

In-product survey

Show your survey within your product or website online product.

Shareable links

You can share survey link to get feedback without integration.

Target segmented users

Target specific users with tailored surveys in your product.