Userlove vs Intercom

Best Intercom alternative for effective product adoption

Learn why Userlove is best Intercom product tours alternative

Which product tours tool is the best for product adoption?

Intercom’s Product Tours lack depth, making it difficult for businesses to create sophisticated user flows that effectively convert users. While Intercom’s in-app experiences may be a quick solution for creating user experiences, they lack personalization and complexity. This is where Userlove comes in as the best Intercom Product Tours alternative.
Userlove vs Intercom
User Journey

The power of Userlove's user journey analytics

One of the key features that sets Userlove apart is its ability to provide deep insights into user behavior through comprehensive user journey analytics. With Userlove, you can see the exact path a user takes through your product, giving you the ability to optimize and personalize the user experience. This feature is crucial for businesses that want to create targeted experiences that meet all of their needs and drive product adoption.

Full customization and native-looking styling

Userlove offers experiences with fully customizable styles, allowing them to blend right alongside the rest of your product. This is in contrast to Intercom’s in-app experiences, which have limited styling and do not integrate well with the rest of your product. 

With Userlove, you have access to comprehensive styling features such as colors, fonts, corner radius, and link color. This allows you to create native-looking experiences that match your product’s branding and design.
Userlove Styling
Help with migration

Transparency and migration assistance

Another advantage of Userlove over Intercom is its pricing transparency. Userlove’s pricing is 100% transparent, with no surprises or hidden fees. This is in contrast to Intercom’s lack of transparency around pricing, making it difficult for businesses to gauge how much it will cost to use the solution. 

Userlove also provides migration assistance, with a team of experts available to help businesses make the switch. This can take the form of consultancy sessions or even hands-on help, depending on the needs of the business.