Unveiling the Top 12 Survey Providers Transforming Data Collection

Dive into the world of data-driven decision-making with our exploration of the top 12 SaaS-based survey providers, offering cutting-edge tools for seamless and insightful data collection.

Top 12 Survey Providers

Userlove is a user feedback and sentiment analysis tool that helps you understand and measure user love for your product or service. It provides sentiment analysis of user feedback, allowing you to identify positive sentiments and areas of user appreciation.
SurveyMonkey is a widely used online survey tool that enables you to create and distribute surveys to collect valuable feedback from your users. With a variety of question types, customizable survey designs, and robust reporting features, SurveyMonkey helps you gather insights to improve user experiences.
Qualtrics is an enterprise-grade feedback platform designed for advanced survey and feedback management. Its comprehensive suite of features includes survey design, distribution, data analysis, and reporting, empow- ering you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.
UserVoice is a customer feedback and product management platform that facilitates the collection, prioritization, and analysis of user feedback. Through its user-friendly feedback portal, you can engage with your customers, gain actionable insights, and enhance your products or services.


Usabilla is a user feedback and experience analytics tool that provides powerful features such as feedback
collection, sentiment analysis, and visual feedback. By understanding user sentiment and preferences, you
can optimize your website or application to meet user needs.

UserTesting is a comprehensive user research platform that enables you to gather feedback through usability testing and user interviews. With access to a large panel of participants, you can obtain valuable insights to improve your product’s usability and user satisfaction.
Feedbackify is a customizable and user-friendly feedback tool that allows you to collect feedback from website visitors. Its features include customizable feedback forms, feedback widgets, and analytics, providing you with actionable feedback to drive improvements.
Zendesk offers a suite of customer support and engagement tools, including a feedback management system. With Zendesk, you can collect, manage, and respond to user feedback across multiple channels like email, chat, and social media, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.
UsabilityHub offers user testing and feedback tools, including click tests, preference tests, and five-second tests. These tools allow you to quickly gather feedback on specific design elements or user interactions, helping you optimize user experiences.
UserReport is a comprehensive feedback and survey tool that provides insights into user demographics, behavior, and satisfaction. Through on-site surveys, feedback widgets, and audience analytics, you can understand and engage with your users more effectively.
Survicate is a versatile feedback and customer survey platform that enables feedback collection across various touch points such as websites, in-app experiences, and emails. With customizable surveys, targeting options, and robust analytics, Survicate helps you gather valuable user insights to inform your decision- making process.
Satismeter is a user feedback platform that focuses on measuring and improving customer satisfaction. It offers features like NPS surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and in-app feedback, allowing you to gather insights and take actions to enhance user love and loyalty.